This will smack you upside the head, guaranteed. When I first learned this, my jaw literally dropped.

Did you know that it isn’t normal to feel fatigued most days of the week?

Did you know it isn’t normal to so badly wish for more sleep when your alarm goes off in the morning?

Did you know it isn’t normal to regularly forget where you parked your car or put your keys?

As women, we’ve been told, we tell ourselves and each other, that being tired, groggy in the morning, and scatter-brained is just par for the course of being a busy woman, a mom, a business owner, or all the above.


Yes, it’s a fact that you feel that way, but we aren’t supposed to feel that way. There is likely an underlying issue going on that occurs when you sleep, combined with your choices around sleep.

You know I teach that “energy doesn’t lie, and it can’t be faked.” No one is going to be excited to buy from someone who is a pushing and forcing their way through the day…nor do any of us deserve to live this way.

I want you to listen to the doctor I brought on today’s show to talk about this Young Fit Female Syndrome, that is robbing women of having their best quality of life and vitality.

Dr. Kristina McGuire is a sleep and stress expert, the owner of the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Cleveland, and an advocate for helping women beat exhaustion so they can preform at their best, and regain their zest for life.

Connect with Dr. Kristina:

For a virtual consult: ClevelandTMJsleep.com

Connect on Instagram: @drkristinamcguire

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