Everyone has a secret that you can’t see.

It can be easy to fall into judgment especially when scrolling social media, assuming “that” woman’s life is near perfect, after all they look so happy, healthy, and wealthy!

I’m hear to help you snap back into reality and out of the fantasy land thinking that can start making all of us feel less than, discouraged, and even depressed.

Both ladies on this episode and in the above photo have lived with many dark secrets that you couldn’t see from the outside. In fact, everyone thought their lives were incredible, traveling the world, driving luxury cars, owning 7-figure businesses, and throw in a fairy-tale Paris wedding to a handsome rich suitor.

Sounds pretty damn good right? Except they both were slowly dying inside one day a time.

Take a time out today to tune into this raw and real discussion between two survivors, and you will learn how to find that inner sparkle again, just as they did.

Jenny Taylor is the founder of the world famous Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography which is the nation’s premier boudoir & glam photography studio over the past decade. Her clients range between 21-85 years old (some even being popular reality stars like Scheana Marie from Vanderpump Rules.)

Back in 2015, Jenny found myself in a living hell, and felt trapped in an abusive relationship.  She knew that she needed a huge shift in the way she was living her life and decided to do the very hard work of diving deep into her past. Jenny wanted to pay forward all that she learned during her personal transformation so she created the Transformational Life Coaching Company “Sparkle Lifestyle” which includes One on One Coaching and Luxury Women’s Retreats.

You can connect with Jenny on:

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/everythingjennytaylor

Facebook: www.facebook.com/everythingjennytaylor

Website: www.JennyTaylor.com

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