It’s time to feel alive again.

The healing process can be hard, but it is worth it. If you are stuck in feelings of unworthiness or past trauma, you may be holding yourself back from living your dream life. Our fear of vulnerability causes us to numb out. Get out of trauma survivor mode and start feeling alive again.

I tried to hang on, and it was slowly killing me. 

In my opinion and experience in coaching tens of thousands of people, we all deep down know what we need to do, but our EGOs convince us that we are “confused, “torn,” “unsure” …

It’s less scary and even painful to remain stuck in uncertainty than it is to make those BIG MOVES. 

This is how it ended up taking me TEN YEARS to start my dream podcast and coaching business. 

Staying in the familiar “good enough” zone felt more comfortable than taking a risk, and making those moves…UNTIL IT DIDN’T ANYMORE. 

If you’re familiar with my story, you know my life has been filled with trauma, pain, and betrayal I have fought with every fiber of my being to stay alive, function in this world, and heal those deep wounds. 

Risking more discomfort, and doing more vulnerable scary things DID NOT sound attractive to me, it sounded like more hard work. 

What ends up happening when we stay in resistance, is we block joy, we block fulfillment, and end up feeling like the walking dead (numb). 

5 years ago, I was sick of tired of living a “good enough” life…as I knew that wasn’t living, it was merely surviving. 

Stop surviving start thriving

I said “F IT” and jumped in that icy cold water… I knew if I didn’t, another 10 years would go by in an instant. 

What MOVES are you resisting in your life?

What will your life look and feel like IF you stay stuck in this place year after year?

Go listen to a conversation between two women who have jumped in…we’re here to help guide you.

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