There are two ways to get success.

You can achieve success in your life in two ways. The first requires more effort and frustration, the second requires planning and some money up front to work with an expert. To help you choose your path on the entrepreneurial journey, I want to share with you a guided visualization to tap into your highest self. 

The pace at which you reach your big goals is up to you. While both paths require work, one gets you trained and to your goal faster. Don’t let 2023 pass you by by staying stagnant.

What path will you choose for your online business?

Two Ways: The Easy Way and The Hard Way

 There are 2 ways to climb a mountain.

One way requires less effort and therefore is more enjoyable…the other way is rough but doable.

Climber 1: Brings everything they could possibly need for any circumstance, plus backup supplies, plus an extra large tent for comfort and safety. Her pack weight is maxed out, but she is literally prepared for anything and everything. 

Climber 2: Brings only the essentials. She trusts the training she invested in from her climbing mentor, and her instincts on what is truly a necessity, then she surrenders the rest. Her pack is light and tight and rests comfortably on her back, she’s eager and excited for the challenge of this climb. 

Which climber would you place a bet to reach the top first, while also enjoying it the most?

Who reaches success first?

The reason why some continue to rise faster and further isn’t because they are necessarily more talented, focused, or have larger audiences…it’s because they continue to lighten their load, so they are free to rise higher. 

Trying to figure everything out on your own is like climbing a mountain with a 100lb dumbbell set. It is possible to succeed sure but is it likely not? Will it feel enjoyable…absolutely not? 

Playing cheap with your goals is the most costly thing you can do.

> Release the old version of you & strut into 2023 with clear grounded confidence 

> Guiding you through my exact New Year’s abundance exercise to set you up for follow-through instead of slipping into self-sabotage 

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