This also doesn’t work…

I’ve seen countless friends, fellow entrepreneurs, health practitioners, and clients get caught in the ALL or NOTHING cycle. It looks like this…

Procrastinating, avoiding stuff, resisting hiring help, and then everything starts slowly piling up…and your stress level increases as the pressure grows. You end up dreading your business, being snappy with the people closest to you, losing sleep, can’t poop, and you finally get so miserable that you go say “F IT” and spring into action like a leopard on a raw T-bone steak. 

You frantically go do all the things, get a temporary high from this sudden productivity, and then crash. The cycle starts all over again. 

Our number one most productive state to be in is PEACE. Solutions come more easily and we think clearly from this space. Fear and anxiety block solutions, creativity, and mental clarity (unless we are being chased by a bear). 

Slow and steady always finishes the race. Going fast and frantic only leads to injury and burnout. 

Peace is always available to us if we choose it. Everything will work out for the greatest good of all. Simply focus on doing the next indicated action, one thing at a time…while allowing yourself to go at the pace of peace.

This episode is designed to show you the easier way to land more high-ticket clients in a way that feels rewarding to everyone involved. My guest Keeley Hubbard is a private coaching client of mine, and she’s a High-Ticket Sales Coach who teaches people how to regularly land 6 and 7-figure clients. 

Where to get more from Keeley Hubbard:

Instagram: @keeleyhubbard

Website: keeleyhubbard.com 


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