Self-doubt is the ultimate dream killer!

Over the past 15 years I have personally coached thousands of people, and the number one reason why people’s dreams never take flight or fail, is due to a lack of belief.

  • They chose to believe the market is saturated versus believing they have something unique to offer the world.
  • They chose to believe they aren’t well credentialed or talented enough versus believing in the value of their own life experience.
  • They chose to believe they don’t have the time it takes to go after their dreams; versus believing they will create the time.
  • They chose to believe they don’t have enough money to move their business to the next level, versus believing they will figure out a way.
  • They chose to believe they aren’t pretty enough or fit enough, versus knowing the right clients relate to someone who looks exactly like them.

I brought on a therapist and emotional skills coach in today’s episode to help move you out of self-doubt and into confidence. Kelly Patrick has helped hundreds learn to realize the benefit of tapping into the messages their emotions are sending in order to heal, and develop the tools to remain focused and achieve their dreams. Kelly is the Co-Owner (partnered with her husband James Patrick) of one of the top fitness conferences and masterminds in the US, FITposium.  I’ll be speaking at the conference this October; you can head over to their Instagram or use the link below to buy tickets. I would love to meet you IRL.

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Reach out to Kelly on:

INSTAGRAM: @fitposium

WEBSITE: kellypatrickcoaching.com

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