You’re sub-consciously abandoning yourself with money.

I bet no one has told you that before. I’m not sharing this with you so you can shame yourself about it, quite frankly, it is something most all of us do in some fashion. 

You may do it by undercharging for your expertise, time, and energy. 

You may do it by over-giving to the point of feeling unappreciated and exhausted.

You may do it by having crazy high prices, and are pushing people away.

You may do it by barely sharing your offers, and keeping a low profile. 

You may be doing it by constantly wanting more and not honoring what you currently have.

If you find yourself thinking, “Who am I to be charging this much money?” (or some form of this question) What you are really saying is that you don’t believe that you are worth it.

I see so many of you showing up loud and proud for your free offers and content, but when it comes to sharing how people can pay you for your help, the energy runs at an extra low current. This is extra common with my clients who are in the healing, mindset, and medical professional space.

There’s some belief that if you really cared about healing people you would do it for free…. well, last time I checked you weren’t God, Buddha, or Mother Teresa…that wasn’t your calling this time around on Earth. You get to help people AND make great money doing it.

A highly skilled spiritual healer client of mine said to me to last week, “I don’t feel I can charge more, because I don’t think people will pay that much for healing.”

So of course I clarified, “so you don’t believe your ideal client who is in immense pain and inner turmoil, would be willing to pay great money to have her life significantly improved?”

Then I asked, “Would you pay great money to have to guidance to significantly improve your life?”

She said, “of course, I just did with you!!!!”

If you are willing to pay to have the areas of your life that cause you great stress and pain improved, then why wouldn’t there be other people just like you ready and willing to do the same?

Now there are some of you who are playing cheap with your life, and haven’t significantly invested in your own growth…if that’s you, this is why many people aren’t being attracted to investing in you. Remember Like attracts Like.

Let me talk some sense into that wild brain of yours in this new episode of our highly popular “Get Unblocked Series.” 

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