You end up attracting more of what you are settling for.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Key way to know you are settling for less than you deserve is to take an inventory of your thoughts, words, and actions around the people, things, and experiences you claim you would love to have.

You want to have genuine, supportive, loving people in your life who prioritize working on themselves, etc… yet you haven’t been willing to let go of the energy vampires in your life.

You want to be making at least 15K/month consistently so you can quit your uninspiring job, yet you are resistant to hiring someone to show you exactly how to do the damn thing.

You want to create passive income steams like I have, where you can work from anywhere in world, travel when you want, and have powerful generational wealth without burning out, yet you haven’t been willing to make next level BIG SCARY investments into your business.

This is sending mix signals to God and the Universe. “Well she says she really wants it, but her actions don’t consistently show it…so she must not want it that badly.”

Therefor, the Universe will match your mixed messages with mixed results…this is how the Law of Attractions works.

Accepting average

Accepting comfortable

Accepting just enough

Are all forms of settling!

You get one life, and the happier and more fulfilled you are, the greater impact you can have on the world. But you must be willing to acknowledge where in your life are you settling for less, and take consistent actions that align with your life’s desires.

I’ve recently just had a hardcore talk with myself in a certain area of my life that I have been settling in, and I WILL NO LONGER accept less than the best. It’s not as simple as declaring it (that’s a great step), I have to take wildly scary uncomfortable actions for it to manifest. I’m in enough pain, where I’m willing to do it.

Are you?

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