I can’t think of anything worse than feeling like you are lost with no purpose in life, but we have all been there, and maybe you’re in that spot right now.

I swear I felt this way for most of my life. I knew I was meant for more but I couldn’t put my finger on it, and the more I tried to figure it out the more lost I would feel, can you guys relate?

Many people have periods of time where they have a temporary identity crisis like after they have kids, marriage, a health crisis, or when they hit a certain birthday. Just know it is completely normal to feel lost sometimes, as I like to say, “we need to get lost sometimes in order to find ourselves.”

This is exactly what happened with the guest I have on today’s episode.  As a former professional 300+mph racecar driver, a major life and career change left Jessie Harris Bouton feeling lost and unfulfilled in life and business.

As Jessie set out to reinvent herself and save her health, marriage and motherhood through intentional living techniques, she felt a deep pull to empower others to do the same by simply choosing to use their power to pursue their desires rather than restrain them by becoming a certified life and business growth strategist, author, podcaster and speaker.

Jessie is not shy about sharing her struggles and failures inspiring you to persevere and get you on the fast track to success quicker and easier.  As a motivated mompreneur, Jessie teaches simple, high-impact strategy to ditch the overwhelm, attract more clients and increase your cash flow organically to get you on your way to your 6-figure business fast!

You can connect with Jessie at:

Instagram: @jessieharrisbouton

Facebook: @jessieharrisbouton

Podcast: Millionaire Mompreneur Project 

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