Multi-passionate problems got your head spinning?

You’re multi-passionate brain is also what is keeping you stuck.

You want to coach people on manifestation, while healing their gut, creating courses, have a book, a podcast, and even live events….you don’t know which one to focus on first, how to incorporate them all, do you have one Instagram or three?!!! Off your head starts spinning into NEVER NEVER Land.

I call it NEVER NEVER Land, because your brand and your dreams will NEVER take flight from this scattered space.

If your branding and offers aren’t as smooth and two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly and obviously together, you will end up confusing your customers and they won’t buy, let alone deeply engage with your content.

Not every passion of yours is meant to be a part of your business; some are better left as non-income generating hobbies. Here’s is my simple brain de-cluttering exercise to help prioritize your passions:

  1. You have 3 piles (just like you would when efficiently cleaning out your closet): 1. Must do it right now 2. Could wait 3. Better as a hobby
  2. Only two things can go in category number one, they need to also match the two things that will bring in the most money the fastest (as you are building a business not a jobby).
  3. Anything you aren’t 100% sure that you current audience/customers want and would pay for today, can be moved to category number two. Plus your passions with a long learning curve need be in this pile.
  4. The stuff that feels like you would be forcing a square peg into a round hole, goes into pile number three…better to keep as a hobby for now.

Let me take you through this exercise with clear examples on this podcast episode. Time to organize that wild multi-passionate brain of yours into a profitable business.

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