Want to know how I made 70k from my phone while buzzed at the beach?

I was actually surprised the first time this happened. The scarcity side of my brain wanted to believe it was a one-off fluke, but after taking about a week to process it, I knew exactly what I did, and it was something I could easily replicate.

If your brain is anything like mine, you are an over-thinker, over-analyzer, and get easily overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list. When you throw launching programs, products, and offers for your business into the mix, this will take your head spinning to a new wild level.

When we are in that state of overwhelm, fear, self-doubt, obsessing, we actually repel the vary things we want, and can even attract more of what we don’t want. 

It’s easy to go into fantasyland about something new you are launching while in the creation mode…once you launch it, if you are white-knuckling it waiting for your PayPal notifications to go off, or your inbox to ping with new applications…YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE SIS.

This is how I used to be for the hundreds of times I’ve launched things both for my businesses and corporate clients. It was stressful, nerve wrecking, and downright miserable. I usually ended up sick after a launch from all of the stress and sleepless nights. 

Those two days on an island where I made 70K from my phone for the first time happened because I was relaxed, carefree, and completely unattached to the outcome. I was in a state of surrender, faith, and zero fu*ks. 

You can learn my proven strategies all day long, but if your energy is off, you will repel all of the clients you desire. 

Go listen to the full story of this 48-hour launch that changed the way I do and teach business forever.

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