Stress is something everyone deals with, some of us more than others. I dealt with an anxiety disorder my entire life. So I am especially sensitive to extra stressors, it can literally make me sick.

God is funny, and also gifted me with a hard-charging, ambitious personality. When you pair this personality with anxiety, plus entrepreneurship, you have an insane recipe for disaster, unless you learn to manage it carefully and closely.

If you are feeling stressed and anxious, I’ve got you covered in today’s episode. I’m sharing the things I do and practice daily, to keep my stress level down. Of course if you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious to the point of hurting yourself or someone else, you need to reach out to a medical professional or therapist for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when life just gets to be too much. I have my therapist in my iPhone’s “favorites” list. Seriously I do.

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