You can’t make millions with a broke mindset.

If only someone has drilled this into my head earlier in life. So now one of my jobs is to drill it into yours, so you can have financial success much easier and faster than I did.

Sadly, 9 out of 10 of you reading this, will go “yeh yeh yeh I know mindset work is important, I’ll focus on that after I bring in some cash.” 

I said the same thing.

This is why I say doing mindset work is like stretching at the gym, you know it’s important but don’t realize how vital it is until you pay a major price for not doing it.

Going from making 17k a year to being a multi-millionaire is wild, and the path here was messy AF. You see I had to lose almost everything more than once to finally prioritize uncovering my poverty money beliefs, and cement in an abundance mindset. NOT EASY, NOT FUN, AND OFTEN TEDIOUS WORK.

You will be “sold” a bag of crap online that you can reframe your thinking in 5 days, or shift all of your beliefs by taking this one course…while it’s often a great start, is it far from enough to embody entirely new ways of operating.

To generate the wealth I have today, an entirely new operating system was required, and consistent system-wide upgrades were necessary.

I worked with a Law of Attraction Spiritual Coach privately for 8 years. (250k)

I worked with a life coach specializing in body and energy work for 2.5 years. (150k)

Taken courses, attended workshops, read books, blogs, did meditations, had weekly therapy….you get my point, it wasn’t as simple as a vision board and crystals (God I wish it was).

The cost of me continuing to avoid this work would have been at least 10 million dollars, plus destroying my health and my mental well-being. So I would say it’s damn worth it, wouldn’t you? 

If you aren’t living the lifestyle you dream of, or generating the kind of wealth that gives you and your family freedom….it’s time for you to dig in and prioritize a long overdue a full operation system overhaul.

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