Holy Crap! We are only 2-weeks away from 2019. Does this give you guys’ massive anxiety?

Being a hard-core Virgo boss babe, I can start spinning towards the end of the year because one, I have so many things to wrap up prior to year-end, two, because I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to, three, I’m a spaz!

So I had to learn how to manage my self effectively or I would literally spin to the point of a meltdown. Not cute at all. Thankfully I have really mastered how to assess my year and plan for 2019 without losing my sanity and in fact, having fun doing it.

This lesson I’m teaching you today is my goal-reflecting and setting strategy. Full disclosure, I use certain products and tools that I find incredibly helpful for this process. You don’t have to use them, but I can tell you I’ve had 16 years of trial and error with hundreds of products. And these are my absolute favorites by far!!!!

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