Entrepreneurship can be exhilarating and exhausting. If you aren’t careful, it can damn near flat line you. I know, as my insane schedule, my running monkey mind, and my mismatched priorities lead me into a major health crisis that I couldn’t brush off.

Now, 2.5 years later, I operate much more efficiently and effectively than ever. This allows me to make more money, while working less, while maintaining great health and energy. In order to sustain this new way of operating, I had to make some major adjustments in my life.

This episode is for all of you who are heading towards burnout or feel like you are already there. It is for those of you who tend to say, “yes” to everything and everyone except for yourself. I’m hoping for it to be a wake up call, or even a giant warning sign that things needs to change in your life.

Without our health and energy, it doesn’t matter how much money we are making, or how nice of a home we live in, or how fast our business is growing. If you want to maintain your success and actually enjoy it, then give this episode a listen and pass it on to someone who puts everything and everyone ahead of themselves.

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