Don’t you just cringe when you hear about some celebrity or sports star that was once worth tens of millions going bankrupt? Like how do they spend all of that money so quickly?!!! Well it has nothing to do with their money. In this episode I will tell you why.

The first thing I teach my clients is the connection between self-worth and net-worth. Without self-worth, you will remain at a low net-worth, or stuck financially at a level you aren’t happy in.

I know this first-hand as I lost three-quarters of my entire net-worth, my hard-earned life savings and investments, within three months. I spent years digging through what happened, meeting with therapists, business coaches, and multi-millionaire friends of mine. It all came down to my broken self-worth and limiting beliefs that were buried deep inside.

In this episode, I share the exact strategy I used to re-develop my sense of worth, and how this ProjectME Method has helped hundreds of people turn their financial lives around for the best.

Welcome to ProjectME the Podcast with your host Tiffany Carter, who takes the mystery out of making BIG money. A former NBC and CBS TV journalist, turned multi-millionaire entrepreneur, teaching you all things wealth, worth, and business.

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