If you are an overachiever who is continually pushing yourself to exhaustion with an overfilled calendar and never ending to-do list, not to mention all of your responsibilities at home, this episode will help you learn how to regain your energy and maintain it.

I’m very familiar with burnout; in fact, I pushed my self so hard in my work life and personal life that I ended up near death. That’s not an exaggeration. We are only human, and our bodies can only push that hard for so long, before it totally gives out. I know I’m not the only overachiever on the planet, so I brought on the woman, the expert, my wellness coach, who helped me climb out of the despair of extreme fatigue, and into a newly revised version of my self.

Leanne Oaten is a Holistic Counselor and Coach, with a background and education in Applied Counseling Psychology. After working with dozens of women, she discovered that many of her clients had similar underlying issues of hormone and adrenal imbalance. They came in for depression, anxiety, exhaustion, or other challenges they were experiencing, but the common thread was crystal clear.

She soon discovered that like her, the Type A overachieving women she attracted in her work, all had ingrained burnout patterns they were caught in, that had a deeper root cause. She helps women uncover and change the internal root cause of adrenal, and hormone imbalance by addressing the main stressors a woman tends to experience, including emotional stress. She works virtually with women all over the world to empower and educate them to reclaim their health and lives.

5 Day Adrenal Kickstart program leanneoaten.com/adrenalkickstart 

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Instagram: @Leanne.Oaten

Podcast:  Thrive From the Inside Out

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