When should I start doing Facebook ads? How much do I need to spend for results? Is it worth doing? Why aren’t my ads making me any money? What am I doing wrong?

I get it! Spending a minute in Facebook Business Manager as a newbie is enough to put your stomach in knots. Hell, that can happen to me and I use the platform daily.

You probably don’t know this about me, I’ve spent millions of other people’s money designing and managing Facebook ad campaigns for corporate clients since Facebook ads started many years ago.

Pressing that publish button is scary when it’s your own money on the line, it’s actually a more uncomfortable feeling than gambling in Vegas, at least then your expectation is that you are likely to lose. With Facebook ads, most people have the belief that they should make back more than they spend, in fact it should be at least double.

You guys are smart, if it was that straightforward and simple, every single company would be pouring their entire advertising budget solely into Facebook advertising.

With Facebook ads, knowledge isn’t just power it is necessary to have a solid chance of a great ROI. I brought on a Facebook ads expert to answer all of your questions and clear up any myths .

Lorell Lane is the Founder of The Social Sales Lab, an online program helping business owners scale thru Facebook ads

Lorell started her career in the corporate world working with major TV networks such as Univision, NBC, the CW, and Viacom to generate millions in sales by creating ad campaigns. She’s helped scale the sales growth for brands and clients around the world. After seven years in corporate world, and becoming a mom of 2, she decided to quit the corporate life and use her experience in advertising to help women in business gain financial freedom. Now she helps online business owners and sales professionals accelerate their business by using Facebook ads through her signature online program, the Social Sales Lab.

You can connect with Lorell on:

Instagram: @LorellLane

Email: hello@lorelllane.com

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