Just because you fail doesn’t mean that you’re suppose to quit and do something else.

One of the top #Fails I see people doing who strongly desire to be free from working for anyone else and free financially is what I call “Scaredy Cat Syndrome.”

Here’s how it goes: Getting excited about a new business opportunity whether it be a networking marketing company, a new course, or a coaching business….then they put in a good deal of effort for about two weeks and get really upset that they haven’t made a dime. In fact, they likely spent money. Maybe they get a pep talk or two and give it another “try” for two weeks, and then when little or no results occur…the discouragement for unfounded and unrealistic expectations consumes them and they give up. Then after a pity-party period of time, they come upon a different opportunity and convince themselves that this one is a “better fit” for them and this one will work.

And round and round the Scaredy Cat Syndrome cycle goes until they give up on their dreams of entrepreneurship all together. Saying things to themselves and others like, “I’m just not cut out for entrepreneurship,” or “I guess I don’t have what it takes.”

If you have bells going off in your head right now or your stomach is churning a bit and this sounds like you….well that’s great! The first step to curing SCS (Scaredy Cat Syndrome) is to be aware of it, admit it, and accept it.

Your next step is to listen to today’s podcast episode, where I brought on a fellow successful female entrepreneur who will walk you through her mindset process on each of her business fails, which ultimately have lead her to find her BIG win.

Jaya Rose is a Transformational Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach, Podcast Host and the founder of the 7 Phase Magnetic Embodiment Method.   With her powerful leadership and coaching she helps women embody their highest selves and create an expansive energetic container for wild & soulful success using her practical & potent methodologies.  She believes we are here on the planet in this new paradigm of possibility to create a ripple effect of positive change.  She is all about living a thriving lifestyle, in deep trust and flow and modeling that for her daughters and clients.

You can connect with Jaya here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thejayarose 

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/thejayarose/ 

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/TheJayaRose  

FREEBIE LINK: http://bit.ly/embodyguidebook

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