The Three D’s to making more dollars…

In 13 years of coaching and mentoring people in business, branding, marketing and sales, the same issue is the reason why a business (no matter how big or small) isn’t bringing in the clients or cash consistently.

Poor and inconsistent revenue = lack of connection and trust with your ideal client

Think of a brand that you once loved, but no longer buy from…..many of the reasons why may seem surface like the product quality went down, customer service went to sh!t, but the common thread is the brand lost it’s connection and trust with you.

Instead of spending hours obsessing over your website, email list, Instagram following, or lack thereof, put that time and energy into learning about your ideal client.

DISCOVER who he or she is, what is she stressed about? What does she need more of? What does she love? How does she like to learn?

DETERMINE what it is she believes would make her situation/issue easier? What would make her life even a little better? How can you help her with that situation/issue?

DEFINE the clear problems you help solve for her and how. Define how you do it differently than others, what makes you/your brand/your products a perfect fit for her?

Wanna go deeper into this? Listen to this podcast episode and I will give you clear examples so you can best DISCOVER, DETERMINE, and DEFINE who you are meant to help and how you are meant to help them.

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