This is a dangerous self-sabotaging lie that’s a success killer.

How many times have you said you yourself or another person, “ugh I’m just not feeling motivated,” or “I’m not feeling inspired right now”?

Then what proceeds is we hold off on doing the things we aren’t feeling ‘motivated’ or ‘inspired” to do, magically waiting for that energy to arise. As a writer, I’ve been guilty of this many times. Until I decided I was going to stop that bullshiz limiting behavior.

It’s not possible to be motived and inspired all of the time. Imagine if all the plants only decided to grow when it was sunny, then in the rainy season they did nothing, our entire ecosystem would fail. Humans are no different. We have a spectrum of moods and emotions for a reason.

If we allow ourselves to be controlled by those feelings it can be a slippery slope to self-sabotage. Truly, if I based my work productivity and determination on if I “felt like it,” I wouldn’t have either of my businesses today.

I explain this in more detail on the episode. If you find it helpful, share it with that friend who’s not feeling motivated lately.

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