For those of you who don’t know, I’m a proud bulldog mommy (to Molly) and I’m obsessed with all things bulldog.

Therefor, I follow maaaaaany bulldog accounts on Instagram. My absolute fav one is @mabel_thebully, and Reece Witherspoon shares the same love for Mabel as I do!!!

In this episode, I interview professional photographer Sarah Bridgeman, she shares how one photo of her bulldog Mabel went viral, and lead to 11k followers at lightening speed.

Sarah shares how she proactively and creatively engaged A-list celebrity Reece Witherspoon, who now regularly likes Mabel’s posts and has even shared some.

You can connect with Sarah on Instagram @sjbridgeman. Head over and say hi to her Insta-famous bulldog @mabel_thebully. Seriously, the cutest dang pictures you have ever seen.

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