What is blocking your success? It’s a simple yet complicated answer.

Everyone self-sabotages. I don’t care how much personal development work you’ve done, 8000 hours of therapy, or you’ve been blessed by a shaman…if you are human, you have self-sabotaging behaviors and habits.Self-Sabotaging

I coach both new entrepreneurs making $0-10K a month in their business, and highly established entrepreneurs looking to scale into the millions…. regardless of their background, race, sex, trauma, education or environment…I always uncover a subconscious self-sabotaging behavior they had ZERO awareness they were doing on repeat.

We all have those limiting habits that we hate about ourselves, like procrastination (my big one), getting overwhelmed and then checking out and doing nothing all day, or loading your to-do list for the weekend and never accomplishing any of it.

If those aren’t managed, they will obviously sabotage your success. The ones that are REALLY blocking you from maximum abundance, are the behaviors that you are unaware of…those things you do or don’t do that really repel people, opportunities, and cash that you DON’T KNOW.

Hard truth from Coach Tiff:

My clients and people close to me get upset and feel betrayed when I lovingly point out their subconscious self-sabotaging behaviors. “Tiffany why hasn’t anyone in my life ever told me this, or pointed it out??!!!”

Because 99% of people (whether you are paying them or not) are more concerned with not creating friction, confrontation, discomfort, or you not liking them….over telling you the FU*KING HARD AND REAL TRUTH.

The reality is when we point out something really unflattering in someone else, people get understandably embarrassed, and will often get defensive, lash out, or ghost you (out of their own shame). I’ve been on both sides of this many times….

So for 99% of people, it just isn’t worth it to them to call you out. For me it is, whether you pay me as your business and money coach or you are in my inner circle, I will tell you with love and compassion, because I care enough to risk you being mad at me.

If you are willing to take a serious look within and ready to stop blocking your success both personally and professionally, listen to this episode so you can start the first step towards making serious shifts in your life…. AWARENESS. What we don’t know we can change.

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