If you are reading this, IT IS TIME, whether you are ready or not.

IT IS TIME for you to pursue your passion and make money doing it.

IT IS TIME for you to say yes to yourself, and no to anything that is holding you back.

IT IS TIME for you to stop dreaming and start doing.

IT IS TIME for you to stop with the bullshit excuses.

IT IS TIME because all you have is today, this very minute, tomorrow isn’t promised.

IT IS TIME because “being ready” is a story you’ve been telling yourself to avoid really going for it.

IT IS TIME because you were created for more, and you are worth it or that desire wouldn’t exist within you.

IF you want further convincing that IT IS TIME, put your headphones on and listen to me instill confidence in your ears…I’m not going to allow you to put your goals on hold for one more day.

Regret is a far worse and a longer lasting feeling than any amount of fear.

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