I hear this dream and doubt at least once a day…

So you want to be a health coach, but you aren’t sure if the market is too saturated or if you have enough credentials?

If you are in or desire to be in the health, wellness, or fitness coaching space, KEEP READING!

Yes there are a crap ton of health and fitness coaches out there, but there is also a crap ton of anything where there is a high demand and money to be made, from lawyers, to hair stylists, to business coaches!

There will always be room for you in the marketplace as long as you go all-in being uniquely you. There will always be people who need your help specifically, versus someone else’s help, because they feel safe, comfortable, and trust YOU!

Now as for the credential thing, this is best answered by the great guest I have on today’s podcast episode. It’s better for you to hear it direct from the source, and don’t worry you know I asked her all of your burning questions.

Lindsay Young is a successful health focused entrepreneur, a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Connect with Lindsay on:

Instagram: @lindsay.lives.well

Website:   www.lindsayliveswell.com

Free Gift: Burnout to Breakthrough www.lindsayliveswell.com/ownyourday

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