Do you want to have big brands paying you to post and pose but think you need to have mega followers for that to happen? You are wrong.

Many brands are shifting towards using micro-influencers to share and speak about their products and/or services on social media and in blogs. The reason is because the engagement rate for people with a smaller niche following is much higher then those mega accounts. Since companies are all about the bottom line, they know that a higher engagement rate means more sales.

Now is a better time then ever before to position your personal brand for sponsored partnerships. As with everything, there are best practices on how to go about this successfully. So of course I’ve got your back, and I brought on an expert to tell you how to get this done.

Today I have on the podcast, Carly Hartman she is an entrepreneur specializing in blogging sponsorships and social media strategy. After starting her first business at the age of 17, Carly, at 23, has developed over 3 businesses that have expanded worldwide. She loves managing her advertising agency, inner-beauty pageant organization and talent agency. She has always believed in optimism and choosing to see the best in every day. This is why she has created her motivational speaking ministry and calls it “Best Day Ever.”

You can connect with Carly at:

IG: @carlyyhartman

Website: www.carlyhartman.com

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