It felt like a gut punch when she said this to me…

“I don’t know anyone who makes any real money from podcasting.”

For context, this is someone who is friends with the celebrities in my neighborhood, and successful online coaches who have podcasts. So my brain started going, “Well if they couldn’t make money off it, who in the hell do I think I am that I can?!”

As someone who survived 10 years of extreme sexual abuse and being pimped out, made it through a serious health crisis, and went from having no self-worth at all to waking up every day in grounded confidence….I not only beat the odds, I crush that shiz. Thankfully all of that hardship gave me the tenacity and strength to not let other people’s disbelief derail me. 

No matter what, you are going to have self-doubt, self-judgment, and insecurities come up when going after your dreams…it’s part of the package. What will make you successful is doing that damn things regardless.

Now my podcast generates between 10-15K A WEEK, and was making 6k a month six months in!!! (but of course podcasts don’t make any money)

Given I started the ProjectME podcast with no Instagram or YouTube audience, and my business coach at the time didn’t have a show, so I didn’t fully know what I was doing in terms of getting listeners…but I leveraged my background as a TV Journalist to create great content, and hired a top podcast Producer to do all of the tech crap that I had zero desire to figure out. 

To start a podcast just to get more leads for your business is NOT the reason to have a show. The leads won’t come if the genuine passion for the message you’re sharing isn’t FIRE.

If you aren’t 100% sure if you should start or continue spending resources on your podcast, I would ask you these three questions:

  1. Does the thought of creating two episodes a week for years feel exciting to you or draining?
  2. Are you someone who will show up even when you aren’t feeling high vibe and inspired, or do you have a patterns of going MIA?
  3. If you got paid at least 50K a year from podcasting alone, does that sound like a dream to you?

Just like anything else in life, we learn by doing, making mistakes, and having big wins. I’m going to explain exactly how to make real money podcasting, and this strategy applies to any industry and any personality type. 

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