What is the most cutthroat, competitive, and rejection-heavy industry in the World?

People who have dreams of being on the big screen have to face discouraging odds and develop “thick skin” as they say, to have even a small chance of becoming a paid actor, let alone staying “relevant” in this crazy business.

Who better than to teach all of us about overcoming rejection while maintaining your confidence and composure then a Hollywood actress?

I met the petite powerhouse talent Camille Montgomery while on set for a TV appearance, she was promoting her latest movie and I was on to talk about millionaire mindset, plus share some of my crazy life story.

You know when you meet someone and you just know that you are going to be friends? I instinctively knew she had something special to teach me and millions of others. I mean, she is the most calming, grounded, and authentic actress I’ve met in my life, and I have met, partied with, and interviewed many.

Listen, learn and be inspired to not let rejection stop you from going after your dreams, EVER!!!

Camille Montgomery is an actress, known for Sick for Toys (2018), Sweet/Vicious (2016) and As Long as I’m Famous (2018).

Her latest film Sick For Toys is a horror film with a Christmas theme, a true Christmas nightmare. It is available now on iTunes and Amazon.

You can connect with Camille Montgomery at:

Instagram: _camillemontgomery 



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