I swear there is nothing people fear more in business than learning they must sell to be successful.

When did this whole sales thing get such a bad rap?

Every single intuition, non-profit, religious entity, hospital, and for-profit company must sell and market to not only stay in business but to give back to the world. Think about it, how to non-profits raise the funds to build those schools in Africa? They hold giant fundraisers and galas, and sell tickets to these events along with silent auctions to bring in the cash. Your local public schools even have fundraising drives with bake sales, and those damn giant chocolate bars your kids have to sell. What about the Girl Scouts? Even they sell cookies.

Continuing to refine and sharpen my sales and marketing skills are a regular priority for me. These skill sets are essential for my companies to have continued success.

To help you with your up level your sales skills, I brought on a top international sales trainer to the podcast, who has directly trained thousands of people to generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue as a direct result of his experience and teaching style. Plus, he was actually incredibly shy when he started in sales, so he can personally relate to many of your fears.

Steve Goldstein is the Founder of Gold Selling Success, a well-respected motivational speaker, and a proud father. Plus he is also born and raised in Chicago like me, so that makes him extra cool.

You can connect with Steve at:

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevergoldstein/

Website: http://www.goldsellingsuccess.com/

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