So you think you have nothing to share or say because you’re “boring?”

Your mind says, “ugh I’m so awkward on video, who would want to listen to me anyway?”

When you watch other people’s social media videos (including mine), you wish you could sound that good, and come across that confident, but you’re just “too shy.”

The reason I’m in your brain right now, is because it’s my job to know you, plus I hear a version of this at least five times a day.

First of all, no one is boring. There are interesting things and personality quirks about everyone. People, I’ve haven’t left my house once in the last five days!!!

Of course you are going to think you’re boring, because you’re with yourself all day. I bet none of your friends, your significant other, or you animals think you’re boring if you ask them. And if they do, BYEEEEEEE.

Some quick tips to help you feel less awkward on video:

  • Use props, and do show and tell. Share your favorite morning drink, and show yourself making it.
  • Multi-task while recording your videos. Walk and talk, stretch, cook, draw, workout, this will keep you distracted from focusing on yourself.
  • Pretend you are Face timing a close friend. You are talking to one person. Someone who won’t judge you, and loves you just the way you are.
  • Record your video and send it to a trusted friend or Coach, and have them give you a thumbs up, or thumbs down before you post it.

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