Insider Entrepreneur Secret…

…No entrepreneur, no matter if they are a multi-millionaire or a billionaire, know WTF they are doing when they start something new.

When you look at people’s success, it can be hard for our minds to process that this successful business owner feels the same as you many times a month…but I am one of those people, and I’m telling you it’s true.

The great news, knowing what you are doing 100% of the time isn’t a requirement for building a wildly profitable business. 

Here IS what’s required:

> Tenacity, determination, and resourcefulness to make your business a success. You are willing to always find a way. 

> A proven market need for your products or services. This is number one reason for business failure at 42% (CBInsights) 

> An eagerness to invest back into your business, to set it up for consistent growth. Making BIG money also costs money…don’t play cheap with your dreams. 

> Humility and a heaping dose of patience. There is nothing that will bring out all of your childhood wounds, insecurities, and self-doubt like entrepreneurship will. Be open to always learn, no matter how successful you get, and ask for damn help!!! We can’t do this alone.

Around 8/9 years ago I discovered podcasts, and found one that hooked me in and helped me so much that I knew one day I would start my own show (The Women Wanting More Podcast). Well…the full circle day has come my friends, I brought on the Host of the Women Wanting More podcast , Dr. Karen Osburn to talk about doing things before we are ready.

Meet Dr. Karen Osburn: 

She is a former practicing chiropractor, mommy and “unschooler” to two young sons. Dr. Karen made a recent career change into network marketing with a ground floor health and wellness company, to help mothers take their financial power back. She’s passionate about guiding women who are leaving toxic and narcissistic relationships, and show them how to best protect and provide for their children.  

You can connect with Dr. Karen Osburn on:

Instagram:  @dr._karen_osburn

Website:   http://shop.myqsciences.com/drkarenosburn

Women Wanting More Podcast:  Listen Here

Email:    drkarenosburn@gmail.com  

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