The amount of time we waste doing this is pure insanity. 

If over-thinking and over-analyzing burned calories, I would be a famous bikini cover model…who feels me on this??

I spent TEN YEARS day-dreaming, analyzing, wishing, hoping, and obsessing over starting ProjectME with Tiffany Carter the brand and the podcast…..if I spent on average even 15 minutes a day thinking about what I wanted to do and have, that would be equal to 54,750 minutes or 2,281 DAYS!!!!!

Imagine if even a quarter of that time was dedicated to even slowly starting and growing my dream business…..my net worth would be at the very least triple of what it is today. Plus I would have saved my self ten years of feeling unfulfilled, uninspired, and shaming my self for not taking action. 

If left unmanaged our minds are so manipulative, cunning, and even destructive. Your mind can easily be fooled into thinking you are taking action simply because you are “thinking about it,” or “figuring it out” (aka obsessing). 

It’s like thinking you are getting healthy because you bought a Peloton, and pinned some healthy recipes. Meanwhile, you haven’t taken any of the necessary actions to get the results you desire. 

I see this happing a lot with both new and established entrepreneurs…”oh I’m brainstorming,” “I’m waiting to get my inspiration back,” or my latest fav, “I’ve set aside time next week to get started on this.”

Your brain believes it’s taking action, yet not a damn thing has happened. 

It really is this simple, you either are taking the actual actions needed to get the desired results, or you are tricking yourself into thinking you’re taking action, but all you are doing is stalling so you can stay safe.

I’m calling you out today, as I wish someone had called me out during all of those years I wasted and can’t get back. 

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