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You will never use your kids as an excuse again after you read this!

When you have been in management and an entrepreneur for over 11 years, you will have heard every excuse in the book. Everything from time, money, energy, kids, fur babies, traffic, and even Ambien (more on this crazy story later).

Making excuses is a way of saying, “it’s just not that important to me.” or “ I really don’t want ___________ badly enough.” People create these false stories to make themselves feel better about not showing up for them, their employers, their clients, or loved ones.

Then you add kids into the picture and everyone can give exhausted moms a pass, after all you are taking care of tiny humans 24/7. Even though this sounds like a more reasonable and socially acceptable excuse versus, “the traffic was bad,” or “ I don’t have money to start a business, it is still BULLSH*T.

An excuse has truth in it, that’s why it’s an excuse. This is why when you use an excuse enough; you can believe your own story. Mine used to be, “I’m too exhausted,” and I could justify the shit out of it to my self and others, UNTIL someone cared about me enough to call BULLSH*T on me.

Love yourself enough to call BULLSH*T on your excuses. Be honest with yourself, if something truly isn’t that important to you, that’s okay, if it is and you are covered in a layer of excuses, as yourself, “What discomfort am I avoiding?”

Today I brought on a guest to prove this point on excuses, Lauren Jumrukovski has a three of them, ages 1, 4, and 6, but she didn’t let that stop her from going all-in. Lauren is a popular mommy blogger of TheySayParenting.com, and now a published Author of “They Say, Not Your Average Parenting Book,” available at bookstores nationwide.

Connect with Lauren:

Buy her book (on Amazon): They Say, Not Your Average Parenting Book

Instagram: @theysayparenting

Blog: http://www.theysayparenting.com/

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