Are you being an unintentional CREEP?

I get at least 5-10 DMs a day that read something like this:

“Girl I love your feed! I see you’re a busy boss babe, and it can be hard to fit in proper nutrition to keep you going. I’d love to offer you a free 15-minute nutrition consulting call, and share how I can get you feeling your best.”

For the record, she lost me right at “I see you’re a busy boss babe.” It reeked of insincerity and felt like I was being sold to. Would someone ever say this sentence in real life while waiting for a cocktail?

I repeat, I do not want you sending these types of messages to anyone, it’s a waste of your time and they don’t work.

Many of you have this belief, that in order to get clients and cash on social media, you have to do this type of DM outreach, which is also why you are so resistant to starting or even growing your business.

Let me be clear, you do not need to send any messages of any kind that feel empty, gross, or annoying to you in order for you to be successful.

I have NEVER in the last 12 years sent one message like this, nor have I ever approached friends or family asking them to buy something from me (I just force them to like my posts LMAO!).

Instead I want you to do this:

-Build sincere connections and start genuine conversations

-Focus on being of service versus selling anything

-Chat with people online just as you would in real life, if you like their dress > say so, if their dog is adorable > say so, if their post moved you > say so.

Listen to this episode to learn how to convert these strangers into paying clients, without being a creep.

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