How many times have you said this over a glass of wine…

“I wish I could ______”

“Someday I want to ____”

Then years pass by and that someday never manifests…even worse, that someday can turn into one of the biggest regrets of your life.

It took me ten years to start ProjectME with Tiffany Carter, time I will never get back. I wasted years of my precious life feeling unfulfilled, overworked, and uninspired…I knew my dream was, but didn’t make any real plans to bring it to life.

Nothing you desire is going to magically manifest without you putting in consistent and deliberate effort.

Most of us get stuck not on what we want, but on how to get it. 

“Where do I even begin?” 

You begin by declaring that you are 100% committed to you goal starting today. 

You begin by committing to do what it takes to bring that goal to life. 

You begin by committing to not quit on your vision no matter what, even when the shiz gets real hard (cuz it will). 

Imagine your dream is to move to Italy, but you have a 6 year old, a Virgo husband, and live in Los Angeles…most Mom’s would say things like, “I should have done it when I was younger,” or “I wish we could but we have a kid, maybe when she’s 18.”

Well my friend Kim Murgatroyd and her Husband Rob, and their little girl just arrived in Florence..permanently (or until their next “crazy stupid idea,” as they call it.) 

Listen and learn from Kim, a Residual Income Expert and Life Strategist on how they made their dream into reality in 6 short months…if this isn’t evidence you can do and have whatever you want, then I don’t know what to say to you. 

You can connect with Kim here:

Let’s connect! Text the words “Dream Life” to 310-388-9724

IG Handle @KimMurgatroyd


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Also, if you haven’t listened to my wildly popular episode with Rob Murgatroyd, host of the Work Hard Play Hard podcast, where he shares the major dream he and his wife committed to this year of moving their familiar from Los Angeles to Italy…be sure to download it as that is Kim’s husband. This will give you the full picture of how they did it. 

Here’s the episode: #296 

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