Most people are broke because of their own making.

If reading that sentence made you angry, then you really need to keep reading.

A majority people are broke because they aren’t willing to do the work, to pay their dues, to sacrifice temporary pleasure for future stability, to ask for help, to be willing to learn, to do whatever it takes.

Here’s the catch. Most of these broke people I’m referring to truly believe they are “trying” really hard and nothing is working. Some of these broke people really are taking action and trying all the things with little to no luck, so what gives???!

This is where self-sabotage comes into play.

The thing with self-sabotage is that we rarely are able to identify it within ourselves, it’s sneaky and hides in plain sight. This is why I created this podcast episode for you today, to help you identify where you are self-sabotaging in your life.

We all do it, no one is immune. People do it to varying degrees, and one telltale sign of severity, is your bank account.

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