So your Instagram following is growing at a snails 🐌 pace…

You keep trying all the things that these online “experts” are telling you, and still not much growth.

It starts to make you wonder what in the hell are you doing wrong or missing here, makes it even tempting to buy followers and likes (don’t do it BTW).

About 3.5 years ago I was in this same spot, and since I’m a stubbornly determined Virgo, I declared that I would solve this mystery. Then teach others how to to do the same, since no one seems to be spillin’ the tea on this topic.

First I need you to stop doing some things that are repelling your ideal clients from following you.

You have less than 3 seconds to get someone to either lean in and follow you or lean out and be gone forever. 

  1. Stop trying to replicate what everyone else in your niche is doing, people are craving something unique and fresh…give it to them. 
  2. You are playing it safe. Afraid of judgment, afraid of getting cancelled, afraid of triggering people…if you’re whispering in a crowded bar, do you think anyone will hear you? Speak your truth sis, we need it.
  3. Part of you isn’t 100% deeply certain of who you are specifically talking to on an emotional level. Therefore you are really catching or grabbing their attention. 

> All roads stem from and lead to your ideal clients deep emotional center. 

Since I can only teach you so much in a post, I recorded a podcast episode explaining what you need to start doing to grow your following by the thousands.             

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