Imposter Syndrom is BS

Can we just take a minute to let that sink in? This made-up syndrome is holding you back from achieving the success and life you desire. 

If you look at the root cause of why you are feeling this way you will realize it’s not the glorified version that we have become familiar with online, it’s actually a load of BS. We can move through these feelings when we allow ourselves to address the real cause of the discomfort and anxiety. Don’t let this made-up imposter syndrome hold you back for one more day. 


Is it really imposter syndrome that’s holding you back

For 2.5 years I stayed in silent pain 

I fooled myself into thinking I was sharing my needs and setting clear boundaries in my relationship and In my businesses, but I was really tapping and dancing around them. 

That felt less risky for me. I wanted to change and have my needs met, but I wasn’t willing to fully risk being abandoned or dismissed. So instead I abandoned and dismissed myself. 

This was a painfully familiar feeling, as I’ve felt it my entire life. It left me feeling resentful, angry, and alone. 

Yet I couldn’t get myself to unmute.

So instead 2.5 years of my life passed me by where, until one day I had enough and ripped the duct tape off my mouth. Everything changed, and also nothing changed. 

I go into this DEEP on today’s new podcast interview with my guest @Nancy_Medoff Author of “Unmute Yourself,” and Keynote Speaker.

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