Most of you are blowing off this money generating free asset that is at your fingertips.

I can’t stand by and watch you pass up this golden opportunity to grow your business, while I’m over here cashing in on it.

In my opinion, Instagram Stories is the most under-utilized online free marketing tool!

I make 5 figures a month from Instagram Stories alone, how do I know? Because when you truly want to build a REAL business versus a Jobby (my term for an expensive hobby) you need to be tracking how you get your leads and sales.

My Instagram Stories weren’t always a primary cash generator…in fact, my first year of doing them, barely anyone watched my Stories. I started to think I wasn’t as entertaining as I find my self!!! Who can relate?

If you are using Instagram to grow a business, then you need to look at each feature on the platform and ask these questions when creating content:

How can I creatively use this feature to educate, enlighten, and entertain my ideal client?

What can I share today in Instagram Stories that my ideal client will feel heard, validated, and understood?

How can I visually post my Stories in a way that is visually interesting, interactive, and engaging?

What can I do to set my self/my brand apart and leave people eager to see that lite up ring around your profile photo?

In this episode I’m going to share the tip and tricks that are heavily responsible for generating 5-figures a month from Instagram Stories.

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