Self-doubt is a fast track to failure, so why do we do it?

No one is immune to self-doubt, it hits the wealthy, the famous, the spiritually enlightened, those with great childhoods, etc..

Some people end up paralyzed by it for life, and others seem unphased.

One of the primary reasons it took me so long to start my personal brand ProjectME with Tiffany Carter, was a heaping dose of self-doubt. I was terrified at what people would think of me, “who does she think she is?” “I’m not pretty enough or skinny enough to be on Instagram” “will anyone really care what I have to say?”

I would be lying if I told you self-doubt never shows up anymore for me, in fact it can get really damn loud when I go after something new, big, and scary.

We must learn how to manage our self-doubt, since it will come up for the rest of our lives.

It’s important for you to see the behind the scenes reality of successful entrepreneurs, so I brought onto the podcast one of my coaching clients for the first time ever.

Courtney Baker built a multiple six-figure business, teaching people how to be successful coaches. She also specializes in helping women turn their stories into marketing content that converts into sales, and engaged followers.

Listen to get yourself out of self-doubt and into action.

Courtney loves to connect, here’s how.

Instagram: @courtbaker

Website: www.courtbaker.com

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