You will never have to “Sell” again, if you learn how to do this…

The death of 99% of businesses is the inability for the brand, the owner, the service-provider, the employees, to connect with their ideal clients emotions.

Hear me on this! Every single thing you buy is an emotionally based decision. From that cute astrology necklace you had to buy last night at 10pm, to your favorite brand of Greek yogurt, to the accountant you hired, your go-to cycle instructor, and even your favorite podcaster and business coach (which better be me!)

Most business owners put 90% of the emphasis and attention to detail on the product and services they offer, and only 10% of their resources towards understanding and connecting with their ideal client.

This is a recipe for ending up in Broke-Town.

Instead, I want you to spend a solid 70% of your effort towards connecting with your ideal client…. Without building that like, know, and trust factor, you will end up feeling like you’re “selling” and chasing people down to buy from you.

I’m going to teach you the basics today inside this new podcast episode, on how to create an emotional bond with strangers, and easily convert them into paying customers.

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