You know those beautiful mermaid-looking girls on social media who travel the world, and you wonder what the hell are they doing to make money?

Me too!

One of those yoga loving mermaids wanted to interview me on her podcast (Life Inspired), I thought, “well this will be interesting,” as I was secretly dying to know how this magical looking location-independent creature makes such a good living.

I found out, this humble beautiful soul, makes hundreds of thousands a year (alongside her partner and hubby) selling other peoples products! 100% online. Oh and she has only been doing this for 2.5 years.

So I had to bring her on the show for all of your to learn about affiliate marketing, how to do it, should you do it, pro and cons of doing it, and how she and her husband are crushing it.

Kayla Delargy is an affiliate marketing expert who teaches others how to create a successful affiliate marketing business. She has been in the space now for 2.5 years as the Co-Founder of Kontent Kulture alongside her husband.

They promote a few different offers, in terms of video content creation, a how-to marketing guide, and a video editing creation guide that she and Brandon (her hubs) have created to teach people how to master affiliate marketing.

You can connect with Kayla at:

Instagram: @kayladelargy

Facebook: @kontentkulture

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