On average, people need to see your brand 5 to 7 times before they will remember it. (source: Lucidpress)

These stats get into the high multiples for companies with poor quality branding. The longer it takes for a potential customer to remember your brand, lengthens the time and possibly of them buying anything from you.

There are many companies who have great brand recognition, and a product or service launch still fails because the branding around it failed to connect with their ideal customer.

If you’ve had a launch of any kind in your business, whether it’s for one-on-one services, events, courses, free trainings, a Facebook group, etc… and you had crappy results, first thing I want to you assess is what you named the thing and how you presented it (the wording, the look, the vibe).

Two Key Common Mistakes business owners make when naming and/or describing their services and products are:

  1. Using fancy and fun words and phrases instead of using words that their ideal clients really say and think. Ie. My Unicorn Power System versus My Ditch the Bra Fat Workout System (BTW isn’t bra fat the worst?)
  2. Being too general or generic with your name. If your service or product doesn’t speak to someone’s specific problem, it just won’t sell well. Remember you gotta niche to get rich. Ie. My Accounting Made Easy Course versus Simple Accounting Solutions for Busy Working Moms

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