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Seeing countless photos of people living a #workfromanywhere lifestyle on the beaches of Bali to the comfort of their own coach, can be inspiring but it can also be defeating if it seems unobtainable, reserved for someone other than you.

The truth is living a location independent lifestyle is easier now than ever in the history of mankind. It requires some creativity, confidence, and a crap ton of faith. Oh and of course a laptop, a cell phone, and a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Since I get most inspired by hearing how other people changed their lives and did the big scary thing, I bring people on my podcast who not only have a great story but are willing to tell you exactly how they did it.

In today’s episode, I interview Amanda Forth, the Founder and CEO of the Insta-famous The Crystal Boutique. This is a healing crystal brand for beginners and beyond that wants its customers to enjoy the beauty and benefits of crystals from their online store.

Amanda was born in CT and moved to Los Angeles after college where she worked in media, marketing and ad sales for 10 years.  She is also the “mom” and manager of one of Instagrams first famous dogs (who recently passed) named @tuskthedog.  She grew Tusk’s Instagram account to over 100,000 followers.

After a successful career in LA, she felt as though she plateaued and decided to travel.  She bought a one-way ticket to India with no plan but to enjoy traveling, and do a yoga teacher training course.  During her three months she spent in India  – the idea for The Crystal Boutique was born and she went full force building her company from that moment.  She has since moved to Bali, Indonesia where she resides most of the year and runs her business from.

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