Here’s the truth and psychology behind your procrastinating…

> You have to get X done and it’s “super important

> You promise yourself it will be at the top of your to-do list tomorrow.

> Tomorrow comes and you are so overwhelmed about doing this thing that you start convincing yourself that you will “do it after______” before you know it, it’s the end of the day, and you have zero energy for it. 

> Then the guilt sets in that you didn’t follow through, and it gets met with the anxiety that it has to get done, so you EXTRA promise yourself that “no excuses, I will get it done tomorrow!”

> Once you finally do the damn thing in your last-minute crazy panic, you realize it didn’t take you as long as you thought or as much energy, and you could have done it sooner. 

Sound familiar????

Procrastination is a self-soothing behavior. Most procrastinators I’ve coached are over-thinkers and tend to have a good deal of anxiety and/or depression…in an innocent effort to give yourself some pressure relief, your let yourself off of the hook from doing the perceived painful or mind-numbing task until later. 

This physically gives you a dopamine hit (the feel good calming neurotransmitter), literally give you a sigh of relief. That is…. until the new promised time comes to do the task, and then you either go for another dopamine hit, or the consequence is so high (ie. a late fee, pissed off client, etc…) you do the thing in a frantic state.

What’s interesting is this “frantic state,” is a form of negative excitement, which releases Cortisol (the stress hormone) and adrenaline, which gives a you a high in a different way, much like Cocaine or 20 espresso shots. I used to be addicted to this feeling!!!!

Then after you actually complete this task that has caused weeks or days of anxiety, you nervous system basically crashes in order to recalibrate you in to a steady hormonal state, this can mimic an ultra relaxed and relieving feeling…like taking a Xanax.

If you have been in this pattern for quite some time, if not your entire life, you’re actually addicted to your own inner drug store that this procrastination loop causes. 

Crazy right?!!!

Knowing why you procrastinate isn’t enough to get you to change or even manage the behavior…I know as I’ve struggled so much with this, that I’ve paid major consequences waiting until the 11th hour. So I came up with an action formula to manage this crazy-making behavior. In this podcast episode I’ll take you though my simple PSA formula, so you can start being more productive today!

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