Exhausted at the thought of creating more content?

I know, the Content Monster is no joke. He’s never satisfied, always hungry, and never gets full. One of the things early on, in starting ProjectME with Tiffany Carter, that sucked all of my time, was putting out good content every dang day!

Everyday I would wake up with anxiety of having to figure out what I was going to post for that day. Can you relate?

This set up wasn’t working for me. I couldn’t afford to lose hours of my time every day into the Content Monster, when I had another business to run and lots of luxuriating to do. So I asked my self my own golden question, “how I can go about this in an easier and more enjoyable way?

To make money on Instagram, unique, high-value content is mandatory. The types of content that are preforming the best on Instagram right now are:

  1. Quick helpful tips or hacks. (ie. Carousel posts, infographics, IG Stories)
  2. Anything that makes people smile or laugh. (ie. Memes, gifs, IG Reels)
  3. How to videos. 1-5 minute videos teaching a step-by step how to. (ie. IGTV, IG Live, IG Stories)

Now it’s time I teach you my time saving content batching system, step by step. Go listen to this episode and regain hours of your time every day.

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