“You’re always working Tiffany!!”

Every single acquaintance, friend, and lover I’ve ever met has said some of form of this to me, except the one person who I modeled my workaholism after.

We pick up beliefs and behaviors about money and success without even realizing it.

I would get angry as hell when people would complain about how much I worked, “if they only knew….” “They don’t get it, they don’t have the same goals as me” “Then you can pay my bills!!”

Never did I once come to the realization that maybe I was working my self into an unhealthy state, because if I had, then I would have to face what I was using work to avoid….my deeply buried pain.

Some people use drugs numb and avoid pain, some shopping, some food, for me I used work and exercise.

For the record, any form of addiction will eventually kill you, some faster than others. I literally almost worked my self to death.

I learned from my mom, who was a female marketing pioneer in the consumer packaged goods world, with clients like Coca Cola and Kraft Foods…she told me on repeat, “if you want me to be successful as a female in this world, you have to give an arm and let to get there.”

And she did…and had the success to prove it…along with the consequences of it all.

I couldn’t see that I modeled her unhealthy coping skills until I was minutes from death almost six years ago, and ended up in a recovery program.

Literally I almost died because of inaccurate and unhealthy inherited beliefs and behaviors around success.

Now I operate from the energy of “I’m not available for anything that’s unnecessarily hard.”

Therefor I always find or create an easier way, instead of making things harder than the need to be just to avoid my pain.

I brought on another transformed workalcoholic entrepreneur, Lauren Salaun on the podcast to discuss how she now works 70% less than she used to, and what this major pivot looks and feels like in her life today.

Lauren is an energy alignment and visibility expert. She specializes in helping women balance their feminine and masculine energies so they can shine both in their business and personal life, without sacrificing one for the other.

You can connect with her here:

Website: laurensalaun.com/

Instagram: instagram.com/laurensalaun

Her new Membership mentioned on the show: DM her on Instagram @laurensalaun to join.

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