So you set some big goals for 2019 and now the fear monsters are starting to bubble up in your brain…by the way this is totally normal.

When we set big goals and have big dreams…big fears pop up to try and keep us “safe,” to not endure any risk. If we don’t address and process these fears, they will sabotage your goals. We want to set ourselves up for success with ease, not success riddled in fear and anxiety.

So I brought on an expert in this fear department for all of you high achievers and big dreamers who follow me.

Dr. Jenn Chrisman is a licensed clinical psychologist, speaker, master coach, and host of the newly top rated Love Your Truth podcast, she is committed to guiding people into their highest potential through inspiring radical self-reflection and offering practical direction.

While her doctoral education and formal training has provided her with valuable knowledge about different theories, interventions, and mental health, it is her life experiences and intuitive nature that makes her truly special at what she does and capable of guiding others on their own paths. Her quest to find meaning and purpose in her own life has led her to whole-heartedly believe in the healing power of compassion, tolerance, and human connection.

Her podcast, Love Your Truth, launched in November of 2018 and it quickly climbed the iTunes top 100 chart in self-help. Guests of her show frequently comment on how skilled she is at asking the questions that lead to deeply impactful and unique interviews. She is known for asking the question behind the question.

You can connect with Dr. Jenn at:

Instagram:  @dr.jennchrisman

Website: www.drjenniferchrisman.com

Podcast: Love Your Truth (available on iTunes)

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