So you want to make money doing something you love but that something is completely different than your current career, what you went to school for, or what your family and friends would expect from you. I hear you, I see you, and I get you.

I spent a chunk of my adult life in a completely different profession than what I am doing now. Hello pharmaceutical sales and management for billion dollar corporations to entrepreneurship. People thought I was nuts in fact even irresponsible to leave a (as they called it) “cush” corporate job for the unknown and risky world of being an entrepreneur. Little did they realize their doubt and apprehension only made me want to succeed even more. Pro tip: Don’t doubt a female Virgo.

On today’s podcast, I bought on a woman who just did a complete 180. She was pushing papers in the insurance world at a desk job, and decided to go all-in on being a private eye and an entrepreneur. That’s right…like a legal spy.

In fact, she is currently on a stake out while doing this interview. That is next level multi-tasking. Also a great sign that she will crush it in entrepreneurship.

Lisa Phillips is a private investigator, a mom, and the proud owner of Pink Lady Investigations, specializing in infidelity and child custody cases.

You can connect with Lisa at:

Instagram:  instagram.com/pinkladyinvestigations

Facebook: facebook.com/pinkladyinvestigations

Website pinkladyinvestigations.com

Email: pinkladyinvestigations@yahoo.com

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