You can’t have it both ways.

You can’t create your dream business, without having fear and anxiety.

So if you want the life, the luxury, the freedom you desire, you my love are going to have to learn how to manage your fear instead of getting paralyzed by it.

Remember, I waited YEARS for it to be the “right time,” to start ProjectME. I let ten years pass me by, all because I was waiting to not feel so scared to start.

Feeling scared is inevitable when you are going after something you want badly, and its uncharted territory. Meaning….you have little idea WTF you are doing.

What sounds scarier to you? Going ALL-IN on your dream business and risking looking like a fool, or letting years pass you by where you stay in the exact same spot you’re in today?

Listen in, and I will share with you how I manage my fear and anxiety. It is still alive and well even after 12 years in entrepreneurship!

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